National Roadside Assist: Your Salvaging Partner on the Road

While enjoying a smooth ride on the picturesque highways of Australia, the last thing you want is an abrupt halt due to a vehicle breakdown. That’s when you need a reliable roadside assistance partner. National Roadside Assist offers comprehensive assistance services to get you back on track, promising a swift response to your distress calls and ensuring your road trips remain enjoyable and hassle-free.

National Roadside Assist: Always on Time, Always on Point

When you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken vehicle, the anxiety, stress, and frustration can be overwhelming. National Roadside Assist aims to reverse these unfortunate circumstances, promising to reach you within half an hour of your distress call. We pride ourselves on our team of licensed and certified technicians who are well-equipped to resolve any vehicle-related issues efficiently and professionally.

“With National Roadside Assist, you’re never alone on the road.”

What areas of Australia does National Roadside Assist cover?

National Roadside Assist provides coverage across Australia, ensuring drivers’ peace of mind nationwide. Here’s what you need to know about their service areas:

  • Australia-Wide Service: They offer roadside assistance services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across all regions of Australia.
  • Metropolitan and Major Country Centres: For Standard memberships, towing services cover up to 20 kilometers in metro and major country centres and up to 50 kilometers for Plus memberships.
  • Other Areas: In areas outside the metro and significant country centers, the towing coverage extends up to 50 kilometers for Standard memberships and 75 kilometers for Plus memberships.

National Roadside Assist is dedicated to providing reliable assistance wherever you are in Australia. It ensures that help is always within reach whenever you encounter vehicle troubles.

 Roadside Assistance Services

National Roadside Assist offers a comprehensive package of solutions for any vehicle-related issues. Our services include:

  1. Flat tyre change: Our team of experts will replace your flat tyre swiftly, ensuring your journey can continue with minimal disruption.
  2. Towing: We offer local and long-distance towing services, ensuring your vehicle reaches a safe location or repair shop.
  3. Car lockout: If you are locked out of your car, our technicians can unlock it without causing any damage.
  4. Emergency fuel service: If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we’ll deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.
  5. Battery service: We can test your car’s battery and replace it on the spot if necessary.
  6. Minor mechanical first aid: If your vehicle breaks down, a technician may attempt minor repairs to get you back on the road.
  7. Ignition key extraction: If your ignition key is stuck or broken, we can safely extract it.
Emergency Roadside Assistance

Round-the-clock Availability

National Roadside Assist is available 24/7, ensuring you’re never left stranded. Our commitment to timing and customer satisfaction sets us apart, making us a popular choice for roadside assistance in Australia.

“National Roadside Assist is your reliable roadside companion, 24/7.”

Professional Services by Experienced Technicians

What sets National Roadside Assist apart is our team of experienced, licensed, and certified technicians. They are well-versed with different vehicle types and are equipped to handle a wide range of roadside issues. So, when you call National Roadside Assist, “You can be certain that your vehicle is being taken care of by capable hands.”

Affordable Pricing

National Roadside Assist offers competitive pricing for all its services. We believe in maintaining transparency with our customers, ensuring no hidden charges or surprises.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from satisfied customers who vouch for our quick, professional, and reliable roadside assistance services.

National Roadside Assist got me out of a sticky situation. They arrived quickly and fixed my flat tyre in no time. I highly recommend them!“—John S., Melbourne.

Their 24/7 service is a lifesaver. I ran out of fuel in the middle of the night, and they had me back on the road in no time.” Emma L.,  Sydney.

Contact Us

Need immediate roadside assistance? Call 1800 817 877.

Your Trusted Roadside Assistance Partners

National Roadside Assist sets the standard for roadside assistance services in Australia. Our prompt response times, professional services, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a popular choice among Australian drivers.

Whether you’re facing a flat tyre, a car lockout, car won’t start, or a dead battery, remember, with National Roadside Assist, you’re never alone on the road. We are your roadside partners.