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Never be stranded: We Can Assist Your Breakdown Service Needs

Whether it’s a flat tyre, a dead battery or an unexpected breakdown, we’re here for you 24/7 across Australia. Join us today and travel with the confidence of having the most trusted roadside assistance provider on your side. Our breakdown service will ensure your safety.

Feel Safe On Every Journey with Australia's Leading Roadside Assistance.

With National Roadside Assist, you’re never alone on the road. Our comprehensive roadside assistance covers emergency breakdowns, flat tyres, battery replacements, fuel delivery and towing services across Australia.

Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the outback, our team is always ready to get you back on track. Join us today for peace of mind on every trip.

breakdown service in Australia

Drive with Confidence Across Australia.

When the unexpected happens, our highly skilled technicians are ready to help you out. With National Roadside Assist, you’re never alone on the road. Experience swift and professional service anytime, anywhere across Australia. Be a member today and drive with peace of mind knowing we’ve got your back!

With the largest roadside network in AU, National Roadside Assist ensures you’re never left stranded. Whether it’s a flat tyre, empty fuel tank, or a sudden breakdown, our professional and reliable roadside services are just a call away. Experience peace of mind on every journey – be a member today!

drive with confidence in AU

Travel with confidence across Australia.

When the unexpected happens on the road, you need immediate and reliable assistance. With National Roadside Assist, you’re never alone. Our round-the-clock emergency breakdown and towing services ensure that help is just a call away, no matter where your travels take you across Australia. Be a member today and travel with peace of mind!

With our NRMA road service, you’re never alone on the road. Offering professional, reliable roadside breakdown assistance and emergency services nationwide, we ensure a swift response to any vehicular issues. 


Roadside assistance is a service provided to motorists who find themselves stranded due to vehicle breakdowns. It includes services such as towing, battery jump-starts, emergency fuel delivery, flat tyre replacement, and lockout service

Yes, policies usually allow the use of roadside assistance services for any car you’re driving at the time of the incident, not just the one listed on the policy. This is particularly useful for families with multiple vehicles or those who frequently drive different cars

Most roadside assistance services allow you to use your coverage to help someone else, such as a family member or friend in need. However, limitations may apply, and it’s best to check with your provider

  1. Exit the highway or pull over to a safe area.
  2. Show you’ve broken down by turning on your hazard lights and, if safe, popping your bonnet.
  3. Check if it’s safe to exit your vehicle. Exit through the passenger side and move away from traffic if safe.
  4. Phone for help by calling your roadside assistance provider
  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained and full of fuel.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is charged and have enough credit to make calls.
  • Download the ‘Emergency +’ smartphone app.
  • Keep a high-visibility vest and torch in your vehicle.
  • Save roadside assistance contacts in your phone.
  • Keep a copy of the Breakdown Safety Glovebox Guide in your car

Roadside assistance usually involves an annual or monthly fee. Some providers may charge additional fees if you require services like flat tyre replacement, lost key assistance, or a flat battery due to lights being left on, especially if you haven’t purchased a premium package

The value lies in the peace of mind it provides, especially in remote locations. However, the cost-benefit may vary depending on your vehicle’s reliability and your driving habits

National Roadside Assist offers:
– Flat tyre service
– Breakdown services
– Towing services
– Car Locksmith
– Battery service
– and  more depending on your roadside plan.

Don't let a breakdown disrupt your journey. Trust in National Roadside Assist, Australia's leading provider.

With a variety of services, from emergency breakdown assistance to battery replacements and towing, we ensure you’re never left stranded. Trust Australia’s leading NRMA roadside assistance provider to keep you moving. Join us today!