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About Us

National Roadside Assist offers a nationwide emergency breakdown program with over 1700 service providers in our network, on call 24 hours, 7 days a week delivering peace of mind motoring with quality road rescue services.

Reliable Service

With our reliable nationwide network NRA provides a high standard of fast, professional service. All service providers communicate via radio, satellite navigation or mobile phone ensuring NRA's ability to monitor progress of individual call outs, and log successful completion of each job.

Road map coverage

NRA's mapping program comprehensively covers Australia and New Zealand.

Speak to real people

Emergency assistance phone numbers call direct to the NRA's central control room, not to an answering service.

Free towing zone

An amazing free towing zone ensures that all breakdowns within that area are returned only to the issuing dealerships.

Compare Policies

ROADSIDE RESPONSE Platinum Platinum Plus
Free towing distance 50 km 100 km
Breakdown towing
Jump starts
Out of Fuel 5lt Fuel at customer's cost 5lt Fuel free
Lock out & lost key Covered up to $77.00 Covered up to $110.00
Onward travel expenses

Up to $50.00 reimbursed
Tyre Changes

Car hire

Ambulance Cover

Limits Up to $400.00 reimbursed
Further than 100km from residence,
Sidelined for longer than 48 Hours
Up to $500.00 reimbursed
Immediate cover
Legal & Medical Advice


Roadside Response

Once a call for help is received, either at the customer's home or on the road, a mobile service is immediately dispatched to the scene to rectify, on the spot, the following roadside difficulties:

Flat Battery - Vehicle will be jump started at request of driver.

Flat Tyre - Vehicle roadworthy spare wheel will be fitted.

Out of fuel - Minimum 5 litres of unleaded fuel supplied free (Platinum Plus cover). LPG/Diesel vehicles transport to fuel supply.

Locked / Lost keys - Vehicle access: up to $110 covered (Platinum Plus cover).

Towing - Breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down, or is unable to be safely driven due to mechanical failure, we will transport you back to the dealership where you bought your car within the towing km limit, or to the nearest authorized service centre if during business hours.

If after hours, your vehicle may be transported home or held at towing company depot for transport to repairer the next business day.

Once the vehicle has been delivered to a place of repair, any further towing for the current breakdown will be at your expense.

General Exclusions

Vehicles used for hire or reward including rental and loan cars.

Vehicles that require specialist or heavy equipment for removal, extraction from multi-storey or underground car parks, are bogged or are not within easy reach of a public road.

Vehicles which have been involved in an accident/collision or have sustained damage due to impact, malicious or criminal damage and/or flood damage.

Heavy vehicles, trucks and equipment over 3.5t gross weight.

Ferry/barge costs, freight costs, including tolls and sea crossings.

National Roadside Assist will not be liable for increased/additional costs and expenses as a result of a breakdown in a remote location.

Service may be refused for unregistered vehicles and vehicles that are not roadworthy or that have been modified from manufacturers specifications i.e. excessively lowered vehicles, modified for racing/4x4 tracks.

Repeated/excessive call outs due to driver related faults, aftermarket accessories, vehicle neglect or abuse, as reasonably determined by NRA or its contractor, including pre-existing faults and faults/breakdowns caused by a non-authorized repairer.

NRA at its discretion may refuse service or suspend/cancel a driver’s membership if they are deemed abusive, threatening or violent towards NRA staff or its contractor, or attempts to receive service by deception or has any excess owing for previous call outs.

In the event that a driver requests their vehicle be broken into, whether to recover keys/belongings, NRA or its contractors will not accept responsibility or liability for damage that may occur as a result.

Extras Coverage

Car Hire

In the event of a major mechanical failure we will assist with rental arrangements and costs to the value and limits of your plan coverage.

On submission of the account (Excludes fuel, km charges, administration charges, rental insurance/cover/excess reduction, one-way drop off/collection fees) together with a copy of the repair bill, we will cover up to $500 per claim (Platinum Plus cover).


In the event of a major mechanical failure we will assist with emergency accommodation arrangements and costs.

On submission of the account (Excludes administration charges, rental insurance/cover/excess reduction, meals) together with a copy of the repair and accommodation bill, we will cover up to $500 per claim (Platinum Plus cover), excluding meals.


In the event of an accident where the registered vehicle is involved, and the driver or passengers require the services of an ambulance as a result of that accident; we will assist with ambulance costs.

On submission of the account together with a copy of the ambulance bill, we will cover up to $500 per claim (Platinum Plus cover).

National Roadside Assist App

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Terms & Conditions

  1. NRA reserves the right to withdraw service where use is excessive due to lack of regular maintenance or the failure to rectify any ongoing fault.

  2. Service will only commence once your new policy has been verified and approved. Any roadside assistance services that you may require within the first 72 hours after purchase will be at your own expense.

  3. The roadside assistance membership is valid for the vehicle, not just for the person who owns the car. This means that all family members will be covered for the unexpected, when they are driving the vehicle as well.

  1. National Roadside Assist contracts are not refundable.

  2. National Roadside Assist reserves the right to update the terms & conditions of its roadside assist program in the future.

  3. An excess will apply to tows more than your coverage limits. Quotes for the excess can be provided upon request at the time of the call for assistance.

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